Workshop Details


Wide-Open Town Scholars will be expected to do the assigned readings and view the asynchronous content before the workshop begins. These materials will provide a necessary framework for understanding the topics addressed during the workshop and working through them in advance will ensure that our synchronous time together is as productive as possible. These materials will be made available to participants in June. 

Lesson Plan or Project Assignment

One of the main objectives of the Wide-Open Town workshop is to use the information and experience acquired in order to produce classroom materials that will be useful to participants, their students, and other educators. To this end we require that each participant create and share lesson plans or educational projects that use documents and/or concepts learned during the workshop week. With the permission of the creator, selected lesson plans/projects will be made available on this website and on the Kansas City Public Library’s Pendergast Years website.

Earning Graduate Credit 

A Certificate of Participation will be provided to all workshop participants. Three Continuing Education Units are available at in-state tuition rates. Three units of graduate credit in American History are available for approximately $1,300. An appropriate final project, supervised by a member of the program faculty, will be required for graduate credit.

If you are interested in taking the workshop for graduate credit, please contact Diane Mutti Burke for information about registering. Please be sure to identify yourself as a Wide-Open Town scholar, as this course is not available to regular UMKC students.